Shivtej: Shivsrushti & Waterpark

  • Shivtej

    Shivtej Waterpark is situated amidst the picturesque green hills, near the tall standing Panhala Fort. The Water Park is spread across sprawling 8 acres of land. The entire premises is beautifully landscaped and its aesthetics invites you and your family. Proximity to the Panhala Fort and Jyotiba Temple makes it an ideal picnic spot. Come over with family and friends to relax, enjoy and experience the beauty of nature

    Shivtej Waterpark is just 250 Km from Pune and just 10 Km away from Kolhapur.Bus, Trains are easily available to Kolhapur from any part of Maharashtra,Karnataka and from Kolhapur till shivtej you will easily get local vehicles or we can even arrange a cab for you.

    Hotel Booking with accomodation facility and tasty Kolhapuri food is available nearby.From the Shivtej a Fort Panhala is just 7Km away and Lord Jyotiba temple is just 4 Km away.