Shivsrushti is a presentation of Great Empire of Shivaji Raje through murals. Each Mural represents a significant incident in the Swarajya and tells the story of a rich culture.

At shivtej we arrange many cultural entertainment programs likes Powadas, Lavanis, Gondhal,Jogwa etc. The special attraction is the Mardani Khel that takes place in shivtej.

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Shivtej Shivsrusti & Waterpark

Shivtej Shivsrusti is just 250 Km from Pune and just 10 Km away from Kolhapur.Bus, Trains are easily available to Kolhapur from any part of Maharashtra,Karnataka and from Kolhapur till shivtej you will easily get local vehicles or we can even arrange a cab for you.

Shivtej Shivsrushti & Waterpark is a close to nature in the Sahyadri ranges and is a perfect place to enjoy Holidays and a place where you can get a peace of mind.

Shivtej Shivsrushti & WaterPark,
GAT No: 358/3 Near Pazar Talav,
Panhala Ghat, Vaghbil,
Tal: Karveer Dist: Kolhapur,
  • Tel: 7559347401, 9422304144, 7559347401, 9112206303, 9890999990
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