• Mini Train

    A special Mini Train is the attraction for young kids and we bet they love it when they sit in colourful, attractive mini train at Shivtej.

  • Mardani Khel* (On Prior Request)

    Mardani Khel is the speciality of Kolhapur.It is kind of Maratha Marshal Art. When performars starts performing the loud appreciation always follows.

  • Pupet Show

    A Pupet show is everybody's favorite. Watch a funny storyline with puppets. See puppets dancing on Bollywood songs. Soon you will understand you forgot all tensions and Enjoying.

  • Magic Show

    At shivtej magic is in the air as well as for your entertainment. The magicians at shivtej will amaze you with their tricks and tools.

  • Powada* (On Prior Request)

    The powadas are a kind of ballad written in an exciting style and narrate historical events in an inspiring manner. At shivtej you can listen powada's on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.Our Shahirs will bring those moments in history in front of you through their powadas.They are superb!

  • Lavani* (On Prior Request)

    Lavani a traditional Maharashtrian Dance is the attraction at shivtej. You will soon find yourself in the rythem of Lavani and enjoying it.

  • Gondhal* (On Prior Request)

    Gondhal, an established religious practice of most of the castes in Maharashtra, is an educative, entertaining and important tradition. It is believed that if the Gondhal is performed in the house during auspicious occasions like weddings and thread ceremonies, then our life doesn�t become chaotic.

For Lavani Gondhal and Powada prior request is needed with agreement of Terms and Condition.